20Twenty Design

the Team

20Twenty Design is a family of creatives and strategists who are dedicated to helping brands grow. We’re a marketing-savvy group with a lot of diverse experience. Each team member brings a unique skillset and perspective to the table, making us the perfect collection of talent.

Liv Ward

Communications Strategist

Liv is a writer and designer raised by the internet. She’s always mindful of the little things that make a big impact, like punctuation and pixels. She has spent years scouring the web for the latest digital trends and handles the behind-the-scenes projects that make your brand look authentic and feel reliable.

  • Google Ads Search Certified
  • Google Ads Display Certified
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Joe Kwitkowski

Multimedia Manager

Joe is a digital marketer who picked up a camera and got carried away. This multimedia creator is rarely at his desk. He’s always on the go, filming and recording drone footage. When he is in the office, he’s either editing videos or experimenting with new camera equipment.

  • Facebook Meta Blueprint Certified
  • Licensed Drone Pilot

Brittany Aaron

Social Media Coordinator

Brittany is a social media enthusiast who helps brands connect with their customers. Everything she does has a unique balance of wit and wisdom inspired by her public relations background. She’s probably the most excited person to ever work in social media, which is exactly why she’s in charge of digital personas.

  • Facebook Meta Blueprint Certified

Jesus Cardenas

Senior Web Developer + Designer

Jesus is a creative geek who’s always looking for new challenges. He brings over a decade of experience to our team with a strong website development, branding, and graphic design background. His skills and love of learning allow him to push design boundaries and build new user experiences.

  • Responsive Website Design Certified
  • Front End Development Libraries Certified

Tim Ward

Founder + CEO

Tim is no ordinary entrepreneur. He is also the driving force behind our sales department, with a long history in the tech industry. His strategic mindset and ability to build connections are only matched by his readiness to mentor the next generation of business development leaders.

Yes, we’re young-ish

We think that’s a good thing. We have our finger on the pulse of what’s sparking conversations, engagements, and results. But don’t worry. We have what it takes to generate innovative ideas too. It’s the combination of our youthful spirit and industry know-how that sets us apart. Oh, and our work speaks for itself too.

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