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Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Social media marketing is word of mouth taken to the next level. It represents a shift in the way the world communicates. And there’s a growing demand for connectivity. Social media is transforming how people interact with brands and the relationships they build with them. It’s easier to forge strong social bonds now more than ever. Yes, likes and shares are great too. But we want you to develop authentic connections with your customers. The 20Twenty team works alongside you to create a focused strategy that sparks a transparent dialogue between your brand and your followers.

  • Drive brand awareness and build credibility
  • Increase inbound traffic
  • Engage your audience on a personal level
Social Media Marketing

Reaching your audience

Cutting through the social noise

Paid and unpaid content can be integral to your social media marketing strategy.


Unpaid activity on your social media channels that reaches your followers


Ad campaigns and other boosted social media content that reaches a tailored audience

Grow your business and social scene

Profile Setup

It can seem impossible to know where to start with social media. We can help with that. We understand the importance of a great social media presence, and creating your profile is the first step.

Content Planning

We come up with creative content ideas using the visual and written formats that best fit your goals. Whichever direction you choose, we’ll work with you to find the best angle, tone of voice, and style.

Community Management

Customer experience is at the center of our management style, and we believe every interaction should nurture your relationships. It’s all about establishing trust and building your reputation within your online community.

Performance Analytics

Data is central to your social media marketing strategy. It helps set goals, develop content, and track campaigns along the way. We bring together data sources to create a clear picture of your performance.

Digital Campaigns

Evolving your social landscape

In-depth research is our tool for conquering social media advertising. We develop creative content and ads that are backed by insights and designed to target the right audience.

  • Connect with who you want to target
  • Engage your audience
  • Convert clicks to action
  • Drive traffic to your website

Showcase the human side of your brand

Create a sense of community with your audience. We share behind-the-scenes content, personal stories, and interactive posts that connect with your followers on a more emotional level.

  • Active communication with customers
  • Strengthen your connection with the social community
  • Allow the individuality of your brand to shine
  • Increased brand loyalty