Aerial Footage and Stills

Drone Videography + Photography

Drones have completely revolutionized the way the creative marketing industry approaches videography. Back in the day, aerial footage and photographs were taken from a helicopter, making it unattainable for most businesses. Now, snapping those missing perspectives is achievable with drone videography and photography. 20Twenty Design uses state-of-the-art drone equipment to capture multimedia from a unique point of view. We bring you an entirely new way of showcasing the world around you by combining a photographer’s creative capabilities with the technical skills of a licensed drone pilot.

  • Full HD video shot in 1080p or 4K
  • Up to 48-megapixel photo resolution
  • UAV-licensed and insured drone pilot

Capture their attention

A high-definition way to communicate your message

We bring together Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology and creativity to give you an unforgettable cinematic perspective.


Stunningly stable and fluid aerial videos captured on our powerful camera drones


Overhead still photos of the places, people, or events that matter to your business

Creating a new perspective

On-site Drone Footage

Drone videos of your exterior add new energy to your website or campaign. We have the perfect mix of advanced equipment and video techniques to produce captivating footage.

Drone Tour

Showcase more than a building exterior. We’re up for multi-location shoots and continuous footage of large-scale locations, like golf courses, city squares, and industrial parks.

Video Editing + Production

We have the programs and skills necessary to shoot, edit, and produce your brand-focused drone video. Our team will create a final product that aligns with your marketing goals.

Aerial Photography

Drone photography is a compelling way to capture still images from a new point of view. Our cameras produce high-resolution still shots that pique customer interest.

Before Takeoff

Planning aerial video and photo sessions

Your project begins with an in-depth conversation about the direction, ideas, and goals. From there, our production team will get the video logistics out of the way so we’re ready to take flight the day of the shoot.

  • Single-camera recording
  • Certified and insured drone operation
  • Digital video files with full usage rights
  • Fully edited video or real-time footage

Safety is the most important part of any drone flight

Before each flight, we confirm we can safely take off, maintain a visual line of sight, and successfully land.

  • On-staff drone pilot licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Complete pre-flight checklist
  • Enable RTH and check altitude has been set
  • Monitor GPS satellite connectivity and watch for any signs of interference