A digital health check-up

Website Audits

The first step to creating a new website is understanding where you’re coming from at every angle. Most importantly, we can only set measurable goals if we know your starting point. During our website audit process, we can determine your business challenges and opportunities. Our team will learn everything there is to know about your brand’s objectives and how your website contributes to them. We then use our findings to build a custom strategy that moves you forward. Take our word for it. Understanding your weakness and strengths helps in the long run. By forming a comprehensive website audit, we’re able to discover dozens of insights that give our agency a better grasp of all growth possibilities.

  • Advising on best practices
  • Design, functionality, and SEO insights
  • Detailed reports guide your next steps
Website Audits

How We Form Our Diagnosis

Web research

Our developers dissect your website and research a wide range of topics to help you prioritize your digital goals.


We take a deep dive into your current platform and web design


We look at the hard numbers to see where you can grow and how

An inside look at your current strategy


We’re not here just to critique your current web design. Instead, we want to clarify your style. We’ll give you a different perspective on your digital look and functionality through industry-standard UX design concepts.


Anyone can put a website out into the world. But that doesn’t mean the site is fully functional or living up to its purpose. Our team can identify your site’s vulnerabilities and give you a checklist to close the gaps.


Search engine algorithms expand and adapt with time. Staying current with Google’s expectations is a must. We develop reports about your website’s SEO infrastructure and use the data to guide our SEO development process.


Many websites fail to include users with vision, hearing, and motor limitations. We can evaluate your site’s accessibility and develop strategies to ensure all users can interact with your website, regardless of ability.

Find Your Competitive Edge

Competitor analysis

We’ll research your competitor’s website to see what is working for them, how effective their keywords are, and use their shortcomings as a guideline for your success.

  • Comparative performance metrics
  • Full website analysis
  • Organic keyword lists
  • Competitor backlinks

Above all, we want you to make informed decisions

Before you commit to a new website, you should know exactly how your current one works for you—and how it isn’t. Our team will compile comprehensive reports that act as a compass to direct your business to the next level.

  • A detailed look at your website and marketing tools
  • Real data that illustrates your starting point
  • An itemized proposal with services tailored to your objectives
  • A meeting focused on your goals, challenges, and ideal customers