Fostering Dignity

Fostering Dignity provides backpacks to abused and neglected children entering the foster care system in Illinois. The organization works directly with the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) investigators to distribute backpacks. Without their contribution, children are given a standard-issue trash bag to transport their most essential items.

Project Goals

To bring the website onto a modern platform with up-to-date security procedures

The Highlights

Designing a new website that elevates its branding and communicates its mission

The new look

Web development

The organization came to us with a hardcoded website from 2015, which inevitably meant design limitations. As a team, Fostering Dignity and 20Twenty decided to switch website platforms. This allowed us to develop a new color scheme, create a new brand strategy, and refine their written content.

Fostering Dignity website

Digital development

The board members at Fostering Dignity were highly concerned about form security and the website’s encryption. They approached us looking for a CAPTCHA system, but we knew we could help them even further. 20Twenty Design collectively decided to contribute our time, and we developed the new site as an in-kind donation to the nonprofit.

  • Responsive design
  • Keyword-rich content
  • Easy navigation
  • Data encryption
  • New branding
  • Connected via social media
Fostering Dignity Project Image
Fostering Dignity Project Image
Fostering Dignity Project Image