Mattress Manufacturer


Slumba is an American manufacturer of memory foam mattresses and other sleep products. The company is focused on its environmental impact and creating affordable product lines made without harmful substances.

Project Goals

To elevate the company’s digital appearance while using the existing branding

The Highlights

Establishing national e-commerce functionality and full-length product descriptions

The new look

Web development

Slumba first worked with an Australian website developer but eventually lost contact with them. Unfortunately, this left Slumba’s owners without control over their web domain. While this threw a wrench in our usual development process, it meant we had a clear starting point. The color palette, fonts, and imagery were already established. We used these initial design concepts as inspiration for our iteration. Our clean yet easy-going look was created for both facets of their business—direct-to-consumer sales and in-store sales via Rent to Own retailers.

Slumba website

Digital development

Slumba’s original website suffered from a complicated navigation, making it difficult for online shoppers to move throughout the site. Our team reorganized their sitemap, added new products, and revised the website’s content for an American audience. We also structured the site to give them more control over orders and customer inquiries.

  • Responsive design
  • Informative product descriptions
  • Detailed inventory listings
  • Easy navigation
  • Data encryption
  • E-commerce compatibility
Slumba Project Image
Slumba Project Image
Slumba Project Image