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It may come as a surprise, but good looks can only get your website so far. Google wants to provide users with the best possible content as quickly as possible. In other words, your site can’t drive traffic without a solid foundation of content, optimization, and organization. The 20Twenty team brings multiple St. Charles SEO strategies together to put your site in front of the right people.

  • Keyword, technical, and user research
  • Custom-built content strategy and execution
  • Best practice techniques

No Uninvited Guests

Targeted Traffic

Search engines prioritize useful content, so it’s crucial to have keyword-rich pages that are valuable to your readers and Google’s algorithm. Filling your site with useless or repetitive content won’t cut it. Instead, we follow a set of industry standards to create content and optimize your site.

Our goal is to create written content that is useful to your readers, persuades them to take action, and converts them into customers. By targeting your ideal audience using carefully selected keywords, we can generate qualified traffic, not just website visitors with zero intent.

Front end SEO

Everything within your SEO strategy that is visible to website viewers

Technical SEO

All of the SEO work that goes on behind the scenes and externally

Building the Public’s Perception of Your Brand

Digital Content Writing

When a brand earns engagement from its audience, it develops longer-lasting relationships with its customers. These are the types of connections that grow.

Ongoing SEO

Grow your digital presence by continuously working on your SEO. Expanding your sitemap with diverse keywords results in more touchpoints for potential customers.

Custom Landing Pages

You can’t target the right customers if you don’t have content to support their searches. We use industry insights to develop the content they’re actually looking for.

Local SEO

Having a Google My Business page ensures your business will be found on the map. It also brings awareness to locals searching for your products or services.

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