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Your brand is like a personality. It should reflect what your business is all about. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to unlock your full potential with 20Twenty Design. We’re a South Elgin branding agency that’s here to help whether you’re starting a new business or reinventing your brand after years in business.

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Branding South Elgin

Over the years, branding has evolved into something more personable

People want to feel an emotional connection to the brands they like and support. As your South Elgin branding agency, we’ll humanize your brand and make it approachable to the people who matter most—your ideal customers.

Your Brand Guidelines

Stay True
to Your Brand

Think of it as a rule book that keeps the integrity of your brand alive. 20Twenty Design can create brand guidelines that can be used internally and externally. Some South Elgin companies want strict definitions, and others want to take some creative liberties when applicable.

Your guidelines can be as detailed or general as you’d like, but brands usually include:

  • Mission
  • Values and Vision
  • Logo Guidelines
  • Color Palette
  • Imagery

Branding Essentials

In this industry, looks matter. Communicate your message through professionally designed graphics for both print and web. We’ll come up with a cohesive design strategy that speaks volumes about your South Elgin brand. When it comes time to bring these designs to life, we’ll help you leave a lasting impression with professionally printed collateral.

  • South Elgin Graphic Design
  • South Elgin Logo Design
  • South Elgin Print Production

Supporting Elements

Your South Elgin brand is more than just a logo. You have a story, and we’re here to help you tell it. We’ll come up with the language, creative writing and express your values.

  • Brand Story
  • Voice
  • Mission Statement
  • Tagline

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Graphic Design

We’ll help you communicate your South Elgin brand’s message through visual elements for both print and web

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Logo Design

Your logo communicates what you’re about while helping your South Elgin audience recognize you anywhere

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Promotional Products

Our team can help with any South Elgin branded merchandise you’d like to use to promote your South Elgin company

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Website Design

Whether you’re starting new or needing a refresh, we’ll find a mobile-friendly design solution that works for your South Elgin brand

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