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Undiscovered ComediansSemi-Professional Arcade Game ChampsReality TV ObsessedAmateur Wine ConnoisseursMusic School DropoutsThe 20Twenty Team

Undiscovered Comedians Arcade Game ChampsReality TV ObsessedAmateur Wine ConnoisseursMusic School DropoutsThe 20Twenty Team

20Twenty Design is a family of creatives and strategists who are dedicated to helping brands grow. We’re a marketing-savvy group with a lot of diverse experience. Each team member brings a unique skillset and perspective to the table, making us the perfect collection of talent.

Katy Karpus

Katy Karpus

Creative Director

Katy is a remarkably talented designer and the creative director who provides artistic direction for every client’s brand. Creativity and neatness rarely go together, but she proves it’s possible. That’s why she’s the driving force behind our team’s graphic design and web departments. Trust us, with Katy’s guidance, we take our client’s look to the next level.

Liv Ward

Liv Ward

Communications Strategist

Liv is a communications strategist who scours the internet for today’s trends in digital marketing. She helps clients establish their online presence through copywriting and search engine optimization. In other words, she writes all day, every day. Basically, she handles the behind-the-scenes content that makes your website get the recognition it deserves.

Joe Kwitkowski

Joe Kwitkowski

Community Manager

Joe is a social media enthusiast and community manager who helps brands express themselves and connect with their customers. Everything he does has a unique balance of wit and wisdom. He’s probably the most enthusiastic person to ever work in the social media industry, which is exactly why he’s in charge of our client’s digital personas.

Yes, we’re young-ish. We think that’s a good thing. We have our finger on the pulse of what’s sparking conversations, engagements, and results. But don’t worry. We have what it takes to generate innovative ideas too. It’s the combination of our youthful spirit and industry know-how that sets us apart. Oh, and our work speaks for itself too.

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